The Key To Magic

By: AllA Erawa Viacad, The Supreme ArchMage Of:
The Key To Magic

The Key To Magic Is The 4 Elements And Spirit.

The Essence Of The 4 Elements And Spirit:

Fire Holds the Key To Signaling For Energy To Perform One's Will.

Water Holds The Key To Enabling Those To Be Controlled To Adapt To One's Desires.

Air Holds The Key To Getting Advice And Intel Support To Know And Give Knowledge In Order To Inform All Who Affect The Spell To Figure Out The Most Benevolent Course For All.

Earth Holds The Key To Afixing REality Into Stone So That There Is Ferment In Manifesting The Magician's; Will, Desire, And Wishes.

All Must Be Invoked So That You Are In Tune With The Key To MAgic, So That You Have The Chi Influx Of All The Elements That Are Needed To Govern All Things Pulled From The Jaiden Or Magical Ghost Body OF All Who Wish To Imbue You With Mana.

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Once The Spell Is Cast Then Must One Swirl The Chi Into New Lifeforce Through The REal Rite Of The Eucharist; That Of The 4 Elements, One Must Mix All These Energies Within Their Ghost, Then One Must AlwayS Banish These Energy To Whence They Came Or To Whence They Must Go or Else The Curse OF Madness Shall Quickly Take You Over!

The 4 Elements Are The First Key The 11 Sephiroth On The Kabala;

Kabala, Kabbalah

Are The Next, That Shall Increase YOur Power Greatly, Beyond The 15 Elements There Are Only Words And Ideas From Science To Politics To The Very Essence Of All Subjects But All Must Begin From The Invocation OF The 4 Elements, Spirit And The Kabala, For They Are All That Must Be Invoked To Have Vast Magical Powers, All The Rest Must Merely Be Spoken At Spell Casting Time And With The Key To Magic Understood And Properly Deployed In The Illuminati's Magic Spell Book, The Illuminati Magic Spell Book:

Magic Spell Book

All Things Shall Come To Those Who Are Good Of Heart!